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Fake news is among the latest phenomena highlighting the law’s struggle to keep pace with technology. Its consequences could pose serious security threats, but fears are mounting that moves to counter it will lead to censorship.
In IBA Global Insight, International Bar Association.

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Wao I clearly remember a few years ago that my friend from the Tequila Digital Agency (Specifically Abraham Tonix @abitonix ) convinced Domino’s Pizza in Mexico to create their first iOS app. Those were times where for the backend a simple Wordpress installation with a plugin can become a data provider for an app and there were not more requirements than maintaining that server. And also this times people don’t trust in mobile technology this wasn’t a thing.


The last few times I had seen the “Silicon Valley” HBO Series a new character had appear named Russ Hanneman this character is supposedly Mark Cuban (Quora). This character adds some interesting (and problematic) interactions into the Pied Piper Company. The thing that makes me laugh is that at least in my mind, Russ Hanneman looks really similar to Gabriel Charles Director of the most importan (and for real life) Startup Accelerator from Mexico WAYRA


A few years ago. When I was the Priesthood Quorum President in my local ward. I had the assignment of taking care of an special brother. He was in a bed all the time, he can hardly move, and his sickness could become a burden for most people. But embracing my calling in that moment, I managed to organice a regular visits. But it was really hard to manage the night visits, which includes cleaning his dippers and getting him comfy.


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