A few years ago. When I was the Priesthood Quorum President in my local ward. I had the assignment of taking care of an special brother. He was in a bed all the time, he can hardly move, and his sickness could become a burden for most people.

But embracing my calling in that moment, I managed to organice a regular visits. But it was really hard to manage the night visits, which includes cleaning his dippers and getting him comfy.

For a little less of a year that was my work almost every day. Some days some other brother have already came before me, or if I was on a trip I ask other brother to do that job for me ( there was always a few really reliable brothers available to ask for this ).

I was so used to work with that brother that he becomes more than a church brother, he was my friend, part of my family. And some day this beloved brother passed way. And he leave a great hole in my heart. My spiritual level drop so hard, that I could feel it, the quorum that I presided feels it. Eventually I was relieved from that calling.

Now I’m much better and ready for new brothers to help.